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All children are welcome for christening at Lundehus Kirke and Taksigelseskirken


You have to speak to one of the vicars and arrange the christening

In Lundehus Kirke there is a Christening service the first Saturday of every month at 11am.

In Taksigelseskirken there is a Christening service the third Saturday of every month at 11am.

You can have a christening at almost all Sunday services at 10:30 am in both churches.

You will have a meeting with the vicar during the week before the christening

The child can be named before the christening, i.e. if you need a passport.

See page about naming your child


Julie Birgitte Damlund – +45 36 46 46 66 –

Lars Obel – +45 61 67 34 37 –

Lars Petersen – +45 40 40 93 92 –


Send an e-mail to the parish clerk with the date of the christening, the childs cpr-number, name, and your contact information. Also names and adresses of the godparents. 2-5 people, who are baptised in a Christian church, and are no younger than 15 years old. 


You are welcome to contact the parish office if you have any questions.